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     Case Experiences  
  1. Design and Construction Supervision of Water Supply Treatment Plant, Wastewater   Treatment Plant, Raw Water Pumping Station, Incinerator Plant, Nongkhae Industrial 
Estate, Saraburi at area of 2,048 rais.
  2.  Design & Supervision, Siam Modified Starch Factory Wastewater Treatment
 Plant, Pathumthani, Capacity 2,000 m3/d.
  3. Design & Supervision, Sitthinan Factory Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pathumthani, 
Capacity 2,000 m3/d. 
  4. Design & Supervision, Siam Quality Starch Factory Wastewater Treatment
Plant, Chaiyaphum, Capacity 2,500 m3/d.
  5. Consultant for the design of 304-Industrial Park, Phase I, II, Prachinburi,
Capacity 23,000 m3/d.
  6. Consultant  for  the  design  improvement  of  Advance  Agro  Wastewater
Treatment Plant, Prachinburi, Capacity 40,000 m3/d.
  7. Design & Supervision of National Power Supply (NPS) for Coal – Storage run-off
Wastewater Treatment Plant, Prachinburi, Capacity of 5,000 m3/hr.
  8. Design Water Supply & Wastewater Treatment Plant of Kongkiat Textile
Factory, Saraburi, Capacity 750 m3/d.
  9. Consultant for the improvement of Siam Goshi Wastewater Treatment Plant, SEP,
Rayong, Capacity 500 m3/d.
  10. Consultant in Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) of Sanitary Landfill site of 
Eurowaste Engineering Co., Ltd., Prachinburi. 
  11.  Consultants for study Water Supply Treatment plant of Capsugel (Thailand) Co., ltd
Rojana Industrial Park, Ayutthaya. 
  12.  Review design and Supervision of Siam Quality Starch Factory Wastewater
Treatment total capacity 6,800 m3/d and Biogas plant at Chaiyaphum at
5,000 m3/d. 
  13.  Design improvement for wastewater treatment plant.  Sitthinan Factory, Pathumthani,   Capacity 2,000 m3/d.   
  14.  Study the Environmental Impact of Siam Modified Starch Factory, Pathumthani.   
  15.  Design Wastewater Treatment Plant of Pun-Udom Factory, Chaiyaphum.   
  16.  Design building sanitary system of Prachachoen Condominium contract with UKD
Co., Ltd. 
  17.  Consultants Supervision for the infrastructure such as Water Treatment Plant, 
Wastewater Treatment Plant, Incineration Plant and Drainage system of Nongkae 
Industrial Estaste, Saraburi. 
  18.  Design Wastewater Treatment Plant of Tipco food Factory Prachuapkhirikhan, 
Capacity 5,000 m3/d. 
  19.  Design and Construction Supervision of Wastewater Treatment Plant of
Findus (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Samutprakan Capacity 320 m3/d. 
  20.  Design Improvement Wastewater Treatment Plant of Thai Hajibung Factory,
Navanakorn Industrial Estate, Pathumthani, Capacity 100 m3/d. 
  21.  Design and Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant of Starpro Starch
(THAILAND) Co,Ltd., (Modified) Factory Nakornrachasima, Capacity 1,500 m3/d. 
  22.  Design Drainage and Flood Protection System of Future Electrical Control Co.,Ltd.
For 4 site ;
Site A : Tasung, Amphoe Banphot Phisai, Nakhonsawan Province.
            Area 80-3-28 rai.
Site B : Takeed, Amphoe Banphot Phisai, Nakhonsawan Province.
            Area 77-2-39 rai.
Site C : Dongkon, Amphoe Sankhaburi, Chainat Province.
            Area 69-1-99 rai.
Site D : Nern Por, Amphoe Samngam, Pichit Province.
            Area 126-3-16.91 rai. 
  23.  Design   Wastewater   Treatment   System   and   Construction   Plant   of Sequencing     Batch Reactor type for treat wastewater in pulp and paper factory, 304 Industrail Park 7   Co.,Ltd. and Advance Agro Co.,Ltd. (AA) with influent capacity 23,000 m3/d.   
  24.  Chemical Storage Building Construction of Starpro Starch (THAILAND) Co,Ltd., 
Factory. Nakornrachasima Province. 
  25.  Design and Construction STARPRO PROJECT 2 of Starpro Starch (THAILAND)  
Co,Ltd., Factory. Nakornrachasima Province.
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